About me.  What’s to say? Two grown kids, two grandkids. I live in the sticks with 5 orange cats and a fish tank.

It was corporate arrogance and too many allergies that got me into making my own stuff. The utilities didn’t care you were paying your bill down, it’s 10° out, you’re not on a payment plan, we’re shutting you off. The rashes and other allergic reactions I got when I used store bought soap, or ate store bought yogurt. More recently, there have been scares with additives in food.  That whole thing is just too weird for me. I make my own, and know what’s in it.

Right now, this blog focuses on soap. It will eventually be about making your own, and leaving the Evil Empire, with their ingredients you can’t say, sounding out their own labels.

So, enjoy. It’s not much, yet, but it will get there, bit by bit.


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